Suggestion for Staff

Hello players of PCB. I’ve come to introduce a valuable suggestion that I think is worth discussing.

I’ve been thinking about this suggestion for quite some time now, and I feel as though this discussion should be, well, discussed.

Personally, I believe we should create a separate world, or map, that allows the use of World Edit to assist in building. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the heavy amounts of trust one must have to allow another person to use World Edit; I’ve seen the plug in literally crash entire servers because of mistakes and mess ups.

But, I have also seen first hand just how amazing and useful World Edit can be when building a large scale project.

So, here are some suggestions, pros, and cons I have thought of to fully encapsulate the idea. Please, if you have any additional suggestions, feel free to comment them so we can make a change worth having.


I think Trusted players and up should be allowed to build in a pseudo-world, where they are allowed to use World Edit to their liking. This allows the main creative map to stay uncluttered of World Edit builds, and also stops any chance of using World Edit maliciously on the main creative map. Only allowing Trusted and above creates a certain level of base trust; after all, it’s in the name “Trusted,” and I feel as though allowing anyone (members included) being able to use World Edit would obviously be incredibly risky.

If simply allowing Trusted to use World Edit in a separate world is still too risky, there are also plug ins that would allow for staff to create an edit cap. These caps (say, 500 blocks max in one Edit) would deter any chance of mass-editing maliciously (i.e. world editing 50,000 blocks to become redstone dust, which would break the server)
This also allows for the staff to know full and well that the Trusted would not abuse the World Edit maliciously.


Staff won’t need to be pestered with requests to complete World Edit tasks, as Trusted can have their own world to edit whatever they need to get the job done.

World Edit allows for a certain level of extra detail and refined building techniques that add more character and depth in a build. Whether it be World Editing a long strip of highway to look more used, or simply using //set flowerpot to create a unique lighting fixture, World Edit brings a whole new level of depth and design to any build using it.

Using world edit lets large-scale projects be completed much faster than doing it by hand. Filling in an airport runway can take 1/10 of the time with World Edit commands at the user’s disposal.


While Trusted players do have some level of trust endowed to them, allowing Trusted to use World Edit is still a risky move, since not every player is WE adept. This is why an editing cap is a good idea, if this suggestion were to possibly go through. If anything, WE adept players can teach how to use the plug in, or we can design a simple course that runs the player through the basics of world edit. Although, it’s still a risk.

While Trusted can build their creations with world edit, they still wont be able to move said builds to the main creative map. This would require a staff member’s help. So, while they wont be bothered as much with WE requests, Staff will still be asked to move said creations back over to the main creative map. :confused:

Allowing for a separate map to be made, and coding to allow Trusted and above to use WE for that map and ONLY that map would take quite a lot of time and dedication from staff. It’s a large under taking to add commands to the Trusted rank, so I understand why some Staff would be put off by even considering trying this.

I’m willing to donate any funds (in my ability) necessary to see this change go through. I really think staff should consider allowing this, or allowing something similar to this. Allowing Trusted and up to have World Edit in a safe, controlled environment is incredibly valuable in terms of churning out more builds with better quality, and more care over all.

Thank you for considering my suggestion, and have an awesome day.


whispering we have a world like that, its called big city

everyone would break the server with the amount of world edit or using the world edit wrongly and accidentally break half the map.

The only idea I would agree with was if World
Edit was given to mods, but trusted, I do not agree.

Here’s my 2 cents.

Exactly. Which is why
A: there would be a World Edit cap so breaking the server would not be possible.
B: there would be a separate world for trusted, or even individual worlds for that specific player like they do in other servers. It’s an entirely possible idea, I just think the whole “trust” part is extremely important.

We’ve already been looking into this sort of thing, and while it may be viable in the future, due to certain logistics and other problems, we can’t give out WE at this present time.