Suggestion-Fan Fiction section

So i have given it some thought, and every forum i have visited has had a fan fiction section. This section would Be for people who have stories or links to stories. (Brodur & narfin.) Brodur and Narfin have sites they go to for comics/fanfiction.

What do you think? too much of a problem to set up? or simple but dont want to?

i believe he is talking about a place for people to post faniction , not just to view it

exactally. was in a rush to post it.

seems like a cool section. One where everyone could let out their inner geek. :slight_smile:

Make a thread in general discussion, then people can add their stuff to that thread. I think that was what Lemon meant with the first part of his post.

hmm… then people can let out their inner geek there?

We don’t need a whole new board that’s for sure.

well i guess this is settled :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote author=TheZestyLemon link=topic=3770.msg62829#msg62829 date=1350422920]

i understand, i was merely attempting to clarify

haha, whoops, my post effed up, that was me saying i was trying to clarify.

Honestly it would be pointless. As far as I can tell it would be very rarely used so it would just be a waste of time adding it in. Just use General Discussion instead.

Trololo 10 hours

watch to end for funny surprise!


Sword, don’t derail threads.
I think this can be locked. If you want to make a fan fiction thread in the general discussion board feel free to do so, but there will not be a whole new board made for it.