Fireknife, Me, and to some extent b33z Have made a town called suburbia. In this town You cannot modify your house with the only exception of a basement with an Ops permision, that also has to stay inside the plot of land the house is on and cannot have stone or cobble walls/flloring. You can convert the house to a Loft with an Ops ppermison.

Do to the amount of people wanting to mine. i have made a public mine, and if your reading this andy, can you warp there and look next to the large houses theres a hole. If you can you make a Cool looking elevator there? it be one epic mineshaft.

Come down today! at /warp suburbia

Small House: 3 diamond
Mansion 15 diamond/ 64 gold.


Reminds me of a roblox roleplay server…
Nice though :wink:

Reminds me of Fallout 3 before the bombs went off.

Reminds me of an old black and white advert for “The perfect American dream” where it showcases a cul-de-sac with 8 houses that look exactly the same.

Also, I have an issue with your town. You say people need “Ops permission” to make changes to their house. This is your town. You’re the mayor. You take responsibility. The Operators of this server have better things to do than to monitor YOUR town. If you want to name someone “Secretary” or “Co-mayor” or something then feel free to do so.

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I agree with Nek about the Ops issue. I would not know what your towns rule were, so I could not judge what they can make.

I figure he meant himself or his aids, not all ops. That would be silly.

I think what Hard means is that you need to ask him.
But isn’t he an op?

Oh yeah, there’s a long [email protected]# tunnel leading from Suburbia to my failed attempt at a town. I will warn you, this thing took me 15 minutes for a one way trip. It’s friggin’ LONG.

However, in eRR, Hard’s ORIGINAL cactus gatherer is there, so you may want to check that out.

I need an Op’s permission to do stuff… That means I can do whatever I want! (I wont)