Stupid riots!!!!!

I guess all you non-british members have seen on the news about the riots in london, birmingham and a couple other place. What’s your views on it? I personally think that the police are acting way too softly they won’t even use water cannons or get help from the army. These riots are so bad that every football match in London tonight and tomorrow has been cancelled, I was going to go England Vs Holland tomorrow but it is cancelled and I payed for my ticket 3 months ago.

Sorry I don’t read the news. And yes, I’m in London… What happened?! :open_mouth:

It’s getting Crazy. It was just London at 1st, then it spread to Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol. I have a feeling it will spread more tonight.

The police are too soft at the moment. GET OUT THE WATER CANNONS!!!

Here are a few videos of the London Riots:



This is the shopping centre in my town smashing up Debenhams.

Hopefully they wont come to Twickenham… D: I DON’T WANT THEM TO SMASH KFC

Never mind the KFC, what about the Rugby Stadium D:

Hopefully they smash up tottenhams football stadium

Damn. We need these kind of riots over here in America.

Uhhh, why is everybody rioting anyway?



Basically, someone got shot by the police. Then they had a peaceful protests but anarchists took over and started rioting then other areas decided to riot too and it just keeps spreading.

and it is going to escalate becuase a long haired gay hairdresser called big jim just said that 200 black kids smashed his shop windows on live tv.

by the way when im on the irc nothing seems to happen like im the only one talking and SMP is not on there is it broken?

I was gonna say that D: BUT KFC MUST STAY ALSO!!!

And, how many people who are rioting, are actually doing it because they disagree with/are affected by what happened? They’re all chavs doing it for shits n giggles. They cover the shits part (themselves), but I don’t see many giggles.

in some places theres was 1000’s in 1 street and they are copying what happened in tottenham where is started… its getting really out of hand 1 man has been shot and a man in his 60’s is critically ill after trying to confront some rioters

italian, if that happend our gubbmint is set up so that if if people start rioting like they are in london, they can and will kill them

Bring it.

So Italian, What you are saying is you want the hard working Philadelphians to have their stores looted by reckless kids looking just to steal shit?

There is no political motivation behind these riots. If there was than these people would be attacking Government buildings and possibly large corporation HQs and Banks. Instead they are attacking small, family owned buisnesses so they can destroy and steal stuff.

My theory is this was some what instigated by the UK Government and soon they will clamp down with military and turn (at least) London into a Semi-Police state with curfews ala V for Vendetta style. But thats just my 2 cents.

Errrrr, I guess not. I was acting stupid earlier…

But fighting the government sounds cool I guess.

If this happened in america, we’d go to war with a country in the Middle East because for some reason or other it’s their fault.