Stuff you've lost

Make a list of the stuff you lost:

Okay so basically in my small chest upstairs in my house in kuribo There was A diamond pickaxe with fortune um II
and 16 diamonds and 2 stacks of iron and a crafting table a furnace a stack of rails 3 mine carts and 3 iron picks (or 2) and an iron axe that’s all I can remember but that’s all I really needed and someone has went in my locked chest and taken ALL of it out and I spent ages getting all that :’(

Errrr, guibz. We probably need to add an explanation to this post as the initial report was moved to the staff forums.

If they need an explanation they likely didn’t lose anything.

Does anyone know what could of happened??? the chest was locked and its all my valuables, this is really odd but I don’t know what to do can anyone help me out?? tell me what to do and how to claim my valuables back?

Tell us what you lost, as we’ve stated.

Thank you for ur help ruby! its all sorted now :stuck_out_tongue:

Question, what happened? I have no idea if this affects me

Although a few weeks/months ago the thing john gave me, it uhh well disappeared…No grief happened, it just went poof

The item is the thing that heals the enderdragon

I lost everything, Including my donkey farm #remembertheass2012