Stress Test Our Test Server


We are testing out a new setup and we would like you to come on and build/destroy some stuff in order to see how well it holds up.

This current setup is limited to 8 slots, but we should be able to measure performance each time a player joins.

TNT is currently enabled, and if _andy or I are on, ask for some :stuck_out_tongue:

out of curiosity, lets say im trusted, and i go on this server, would i be promoted? lol

Ranks don’t transfer over there besides OP. It’s just a test server

Interesting… by any chance is this server going to be the one we will be running 1.8 on? And is it currently a vanilla server :>

It’s running Bukkit but only with Essentials and World Edit at the moment. Clean map and performs much faster - it’s almost vanilla

Well I certainly enjoyed testing it. TNT is a rare toy.

It seems I may have crashed it. I did about 300 tnt at a time while digging straight down. I had no lag, so it seemed alright.

Kinda neat, I used W-E to make a long line of tnt underground to make an instant cavern.

lol, i was wondering why i couldnt get back online :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you caused the crash. Our host is having some technical difficulties and the server is currently shut down until they get it sorted.