story time!

be midnight last night

hear creaking coming from outside door
grab knife
exit room
noise coming from sisters room
sister not home
go to door
peek in
cat is mating with dog
vision blurs
i can see blue wall
feel something in my bum
relise im being raped
try to scream for help
try again
more barking
look behing me
now im looking down
i see dog
i am dog
i can talk now
i go to computer
i am still at door
dog leaves
i lick my fur
i am typing a report on physics
i am washing hands
go to sleep
wake up next day
where am i?
i am tiger
i am cloud
i am universe
i am god
i am dyslexic
i am dog.

Written by: gggeeee

God. God is anything and eveything therefore you where everything.

and dyslexic!

Alright ggg what ya been sniffin’?


Damnit. GGG must of found my Hemp thats growing under the sheep

That boy ain’t right…

(King of the Hill)

… that really painted a picture in my mind that i never want to see again …

And somehow he’s a mod…

…says it right there…

i feel dirty after reading that :frowning:

…thats a very…colorful story…

yay confusion!

I want somma them greens you smoke on ggg