I just had an idea, since we have a lot of companies in PCB, I’m going to start working on a Stockmarket. To register a company, please PM or talk to me in game.

Guidelines for Nominating Companies

[ol][li]Companies are registered with a full name and a 3 letter code of the owner’s choosing[/li]
[li]Companies are automatically started with a stock price of $1/share, this is the maximum starting price[/li]
[li]Limit of Shares is currently 1,000,000 shares per company, this is the maximum starting shares. Companies may expand share limit through growing their business.[/li][/ol]

Current Registered Comapnies

it’s like having a second ferrari =,=’

I’ve been hearing so many things about Ferrari like this lately ;D I wanna see it in person!

Speaking of which Ferrari hasn’t been on that much lately…

Koalamama Reality

Aye I remember talking about a stock market yonks ago and you all made fun of me. Who is the winner here? That’s right, still not me, but the point stands.

Might as well add mine: Bugers R Us, BRU. But can someone tell me how this works?

I had my realty for about 2 maps now :slight_smile:

Javski Realty (JVR)

I have no idea how this works in the real world. But if it was implemented I could likely just write a plugin for it, it seems really simple.

Each “Buisness” could be founded for X amount of money ($1000 or so) Which gives the company 100 or so shares valued at $10 each.

Stock’s value would always be rated at (Company’s Bank Account / Company’s Total Shares)

Company’s can decrease value of their stock by creating more shares with /stock create business amount

Players could buy stock by using /stock buy business amount
Players could sell stock at 10% below buy price to the company for /stock refund business amount
Players could trade stock with /stock send business amount player

include me. YomiDesigns YoD

That’s a good idea. I was thinking also Businesses can also release money (payments) to Shareholders. And also a live prices of shares of the company.

Also there should be a set time, when the stockmarket is open and closed. Also daily summaries should be given

You might have a bit of trouble with that, as not all players are located in the same time zone (or even in the same nation).

Granted, you could just use GMT and get over it, but it may prove inconvenient for trading if you happen to be playing somewhere where the market’s always closed when you’re on.

Go ahead and add Farm Fresh Dinner.

Add ORS Real Estate if you want.


Minikitkat Engineering co.

Dunno I’ve always wanted that sense 6:35 yesterday…

So will this happen or did it run dry? Only thinking this cause there was no activity on this thread btw.

This is a pretty cool idea, it’d be cool if it takes off, though you’ll have some job at trying to implement it.

Cause YOLO, you know?

Seems like it’s dead/ to hard to implement to be honest… if we can why not? I just don’t know. lol

This post is already super old, the poster tried making it work but ive been checking his stock stuff and I noticed that nothing was updated in ages, therefore proving that this stock method will not work. Locked. If jia wants this re-implemented, please message me, otherwise dont necro.