Still with this "Loading Terrain" Freeze/Issue

It’s been like 6 days since this issue quits me from playing Minecraft.


I do appreciate this server but this version is freezing my screen with “Loading Terrain” while I’m logging into the server, so please could you help me finding ways to fix it, I’m sad to not play PCB happily because of this issue; I have tried re-installing the game, restarting the router, turning off my computer for 10 or 15 seconds and then open the game again, modificating the graphics, etc.

Is there any helpful ways to fix this issue?

Sincerely, a missed trusted Andre.

I thought this issue was resolved as I have seen you in-game over the past few days?

Could you please post the error logs so we can try and asses what has gone wrong?

Potential fixes to try:

  1. Reinstall game (Already tried)
  2. Disable VBO in minecraft settings
  3. Uninstall Java and download/install latest version
  4. Update computer/drivers (Windows - Go through Control Panel -> Device Manager or Mac - Go through App Store -> Updates)

Well, this issue is not resolved yet and this bug lets me in the server ocasionally.

90% sure this is a problem related to your minecraft/computer/mods/set/whatever else that is dependent on you, not PCB.

You could back up all the .minecraft data you need and delete it then reinstalll all the file giving you a clean copy.

You mean deleting the file and then reinstalling it again?

When it happened to me the only cure was updating my graphics drivers and java

good luck worth a try

I updated my Java but I don’t know how to update the drivers.