Still alive!

The creative server has recently totted over 12000 diffrent people, that’s 12k diffrent people that have joined, played, contributed and seen what we are. the creative server is still alive and is host to people from around the world and is part of a great comunity! I’m glad to be a host of such a great idea, concept and server =].

RaNdOm fact, 1000 people or so have been banned from the server, that is 1 in 12 people that come to the server to grief or harass, seems like too much to handle =S

Hooray! You and the OPs are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work :smiley:

1 in 12 people grief o.O well, that’s one to give to minecraft wiki :stuck_out_tongue:

And get banhammered :wink:

and YAY!!! Nice to see that we’re still going strong :smiley:

It was by far my favorite Classic Server. good job liam and fatso.

cough cough



Even though he constantly insults me :frowning: sniff

These are some epic stats! Woot!

Can someone please tell me the FULL NAME of the creative server? I’ve tried to find it several times but I can’t… thanks.

Project city build [McForge]

Just use Ctrl+F and type project city build in the search bar.

People don’t just get banned for griefing… 1 in 12 people get banned… maybe if you took a random sample of 1200 or 120 people and see how many are banned is a more fair way to calculate it.

well i would say 99% of the people we ban are banned for griefing.