Steveisawesoem14's ban

Ok so idk who deleted this BUT DONT DELET IT AGAIN!
Ok so i Aploigize for everything i did a couple of days ago but this is my favorite server so plz unban me , i cant make an appeal beace it says someting is corrupt and cant find some parent board so i must do it through forums, plz like a said ive been playing this server for a couple of months now(give or take a couple of weeks) but i REALLY wanna come back on the server cause i have a lot of friends on there and it REALLY FUN!
i promise to; be kinder to others, little to no more swearing, no more useing caps unless for abreviations like LOL or BRB, and if being bad i will make myself a jail and have a mod+ tp me into it! TY!

You were banned by Sacreddeathflame for excessive swearing. Why do you think, in a correct sentence why you should be unbanned?

because i promise to change, never do it again, apoligize to everyone for starting it, cause i LOVE this server, and finally because i feael like a fool for causing all this

Then when sacred comes on it is his decision wether you will remain banned.

The thing that really bothered me was that you did not even listen to the warnings I gave you. I warned you so many times to stop swearing at spaz and I even told you I would ban you after your final warning if you continues. And what did you do, you ignored me and continued to swear at spaz. Now my question is what’s stopping you from swearing a crap ton of times again? Sure you can be careful, but you even said that you had anger issues so if someone get’s you mad, you could just start swearing at them. Another thing is that you were begging me and you were even trying to bribe your way out of your ban by saying that you were going to donate 30$ to the server and you wouldn’t anymore unless I unbanned you. Another thing is that you would keep asking me to unban you like every minute basically spamming.

Now give me a really good reason to unban you.

Ok sacred heres my reason; i love this server and have made lots o friends on this server and the fact that my new years resolution was to COMPLETELY stop swearing and i messed up and caused myself to get banned and im sry for what i did and would love to come back on and stop being bored playing single player!

Sy for double commenting on this but sacred, im sry to u the must for pestering u tring to get u to unban me cause that wasnt appropriate of me to do that and again im sry for that

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I am sorry, but no. I gave you plenty of chances to stop, but you didn’t. You chose to act the way you did and therefore your actions has a consequence, your staying banned. Locked.