as you all noticed probably: I’ve started building the New Steampunk (which will still be named Steampunk)

someone who don’t know how it looks:

I’ve started with the first part and I have a location.


  • Windmill
  • Watermill
  • Factory
  • Farmlands
  • Rich Mountain houses
  • The Strange Apartments
  • Expansion of the Lake
  • New Player Zone

By this I also give the warning to All players:

I do Not allow changes to the scenery around Steampunk. If I catch someone making changes or building something which I didn’t approve of it will be Taken down and with repeatedly problems it will end worse.

It is no use asking for permission to build in steampunk. It can only be obtained by showing style, creativity, Understanding of the area. You can show me Your style or what you think can fit into Steampunk and we will see =)

I hope I made myself clear.

I Will keep everything updated with builds etc on this topic to also Show the building style and how to make full use of the scenery around your town.
If you need any advise or opinion about buildings you can always ask me. I’m also offering the possibility like last maps to build a roof on you house =).

Screenshots coming soon


Yomigaere - Owner and Creator of Steampunk

The original Steampunk was amaaaaaazing. Good luck with the new one :slight_smile:

the start 1 day ago

Yum! Foods Inc would like to sponsor the river water wheel :smiley:

next step is stables.
and planning the ground floor houses ( these will be cheaper and closer together)

Octopus Inc would like to sponsor a water wheel (although budget constraints mean we’d like to sponsor that tiny one at the bottom of the mountain)

Horse stables are done and the small watermill got a sponsor.
Also put up night sensor and lights everywhere so when it gets night everything gets bright and mobs hopefully wont spawn.

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