Steampunk Building Project

Steampunk is getting a new District and the old one will be increased.
I need Good Designers and Builders for the new and Old part.

People who want to give it a try:

-Check Steampunk herself first
-Reply to get sign yourself up
-Show me what kind of Building looks good with it.
-The people who I think can help me the best are allowed to help.
(I’m a critic So Goodluck)

-Let’s Build!

What Steampunk needs:

-Gigantic Windmill
-Steampunk stuff
-1-3 small Airballoon(s) ( steampunk style)
-1 Big Airballoon
-1 Steampunk Aircraft

Furthermore I don’t want people who are not involved to change blocks in any way around the construction

Ppl who applied:

-Namillo - Airballoon

id really like to help make houses. I would also be willing to give a 10% discount on all logs ypu bought from me. :slight_smile:

Nice thx I’ll put you on the list

Dibbs on the air balloon

Small one or Big one? Or both?

err im gonna need some help with the big one. but ill do the small one first.

Anyone else want to help?

I’d be happy to help when the server goes to 1.5, as I can’t be bothered changing back now :P.

I’ll add you to the list

hell. ive given up on getting Treetop done. ill help out once i have a steady internet connection again