Steam Voucher 50% off 'Sniper Elite'

I just got this voucher on steam, and I’m not going to use it, so would any of you guys like it?

It’s for 50% off Sniper Elite, and has to be used within the next week, or it expires.

Post here, or PM me on Steam if you’re interested.

im interested but i dont have the money for it :frowning: maybe ill get enough money for it :3

Im adding to this:

50% off Dungeons of dredmore
75% off sacred citadel
66% off awesomenauts
50% off trine 1
90% off Serious sam 3:bfe (takes the game down to £3)
66% off earth 2160

They expire on the 15 of oct so grab the ones you want fast!

Tell me here or in steam if you want it, Dont want anything in return.

How are you guys getting these? I don’t think I am interested in these games, but that may be because I don’t know them well. Also, these kinds of things go on sale on steam often enough. Still, I hope you find somebody who can use these! It’s still a good deal.

They are a reward for completing the different card collection things.

Bump, 4 days left for the coupons if anyone wants them, or they just go to waste >.<

66% of awesomenauts is then how much?

it is not the hero version i guess?

I the UK it takes the game down to £2.36, and its just the default game i think, this one;

There’s a lot of stuff I would like to get on steam but unfortunately they’re not really my type of game. If they were for Civilization V or Portal 2 then i’d take them :’( . I still don’t understand where you get them from…

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When you collect all the trading cards for a game, you ‘craft’ them into a badge. When this happens, on top of the badge on your profile, you get a profile background, an emoticon, and one of these vouchers.

Bringing this back from the dead for another one:
66% off Awesomenauts if anyone wants it.

Also adding to this;
66% off shufflepuck cantina deluxe
75% off delve deeper
66% off chivalry medieval warfare beta
50% off strike suit infinity
75% faerie solitarire

Offers end 9th of feb