Steam Library

So this is a different way of looking at your steam library…

Challenge accepted? :smiley:

Oh jeez…

And to think that I only have about 50-60 games…
What about those people who raid steam sales every year?

It only said 70 hours for me…

How many games do you have? o.O


90 days… Oeps

I could climb the empire state building 295 times. I have 295 hours or what ever

Also kyle, have you got a lot of obscure games in your library? I presume it doesn’t have every game in the database, just major ones.

Or he’s actually played through a lot of his games. This website does take into account time spent playing all the games.

319 hours
13 days 7 hours 51 minutes

Travel from Coast to Coast in the US 5 times by car…

Oh how this suites me so well.

Edit- OH DEAR LORD IS THAT BIG HERE. You can just have the link… lol

I have 34 games. I have completely beaten 18 of them. 3-4 are in progress. Several are games like Team Fortress so there is no end, and the rest have not been touched.

70 hours does not even scratch what I put in team fortress alone.

319 TF
218 Borderlands
136 Vindictus
83 Alien Swarm
82 Vampire the Masquerade
Sanctum 2… you get the idea

Sorry if this is a late bump but i really wanted to post mine lmao

Woooo go steam!

How many games do you even have saint :'O!

lol i have 2.5k hours in TF2

300 hours into Chivalry.

299 of those hours spent taunting people as a Man-at-arms.

Do I win?

I barely have any: