Steam achievement!

Recently I reached 1001 hours total playtime on Garry’s mod! I feel very proud for this and I don’t care whether people say they have more or not, all I care about is my achievement, I like to call it the nerd achievement! :smiley:

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1001 hours is a bit excessive dontyathink?

Go outside :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve spent 41.7 days playing G-Mod.

Good math!

Yeah man,
Its time to introduce you to the outside world.

Life, meet vaio
Vaio, meet life.

Fuck ya’ll, I’m a vampire

Curious to see how many hours are in minecraft but thats not in Steam lol

It is if you click

+Add Game

In the bottom left corner :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesnt track how long you play it for though…

Eh. I didn’t know. Only added things recently.

Thats very…honorable…


and i thought i play games to much

VAIO! what is your Steam User?


lol, how did i guess that??

Because you like, know my mom, and she told you seven years ago and now you just remembered! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

seven years ago i was 6 lol!


stop stealing my sayings…