State City

Hey guys, it’s me! Some of you may know that I have been working on a city called State City! Progress has been slow but I was wondering if any of you would wanna help build in it?

My goal is to get a warp for State City on the day of my 1 year anniversary.

Current Residents:
Jmvvana (Co-Owner)

Hope some of you guys help out! :slight_smile: <3

  • Tigerx112 xxx

I am willing to help. Let me know what I can do! =D

Well, we do have a school being built. If you’d like to help with that? =D

Sure! =D

I’ll help too, if you need :slight_smile:

Yes please! Maybe me and you could make a zoo. Maybe encourage the other zoo animals to help us? :slight_smile:

Can help with building something? PS: i Could build you a grocery store

Please do not Necro old posts could someone lock this up

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