Starting Money

I think the players start with too much money, 100$ should be the starting money!

People that start on the server usually buy a house right away, and people who sell them just get richer and richer real quick!

I just tried this today and i made almost 2000$ in one morning. -.-’

Then why are you complaining?!?!?!?!?

Pretty sure this has already been discussed though and $500 was descised to be the correct amount.

This has been decided already, 500 is the set amount. :slight_smile:

Because its way too much money! With 500$ you can buy 50 stacks of logs and sooner or later this will ruin the economy! You can already see that by the difference of money between the 3rd richest and the others

It’s that high because Donators no longer get in game money for donating. :slight_smile:

Maybe people should adjust their prices?

This is not the same economy as 1.7.

All people think is just sell, most of them just don’t care about having profit or not! But i can’t complain for me having prices like that is good , but for the server economy as i said, sooner or later this will ruin it

I honestly agree with SpllatPT. I think $500 is too much initial income. The server is too set in its existing pricing system for everyone to quintuple their prices or even modify them all in harmony.

I don’t really see how the fact that the donators cannot have additional money means that EVERYONE should start with inflated money. Its not just a compensation, its affecting the whole economy.

We already discussed this.

It’s $500.

Get over it.