Star Wars the Old Republic

I want to make people aware that a few of us have been playing this game and that is where we have been doing most of the time. We even have our spot on the pcb teamspeak. If you drop by and it is silent it means that we are going through some dialog and will take a few minutes. On the other hand if we are yelling it means that we are in the middle of battle which can take some time as well. But we like it when people stop by.

People playing so far and their classes:

Cruelworld- Jedi Knight, Sentinel (melee), Archaeologist (finds crystals)

Godsjedi- Jedi Consular, Guardian (healer),Archaeologist/Bio-analysis (finds crystals/makes healing packs)

Natepot- Jedi Consular, Shadowblade (sneak type/Dual balded lightsaber), Scavenger/Armortech (Armor Smith)
[sub]Nate has decided to stay on the dark side and is welcoming people to join his regime.[/sub]
CouragetheTiger- Trooper, Commando (ranged/medic), Scavenger/Armstech (Weapon smith)

Let us know if you want to be apart of our group, please. We will walk you through the download and will help you in the game.

I just love playing this with you guys! at first I would just play this by myself and I got to lvl 35 with a imp. agent so I know how a good amount of things work. So that being said if you need any help with anything or have a Q. ask me :slight_smile:

And also a few pro tips for starters of this game are:
1.the game is a big one so i would be wise to leave it downloading over night.
2.if you want to level up fast play galactic starfighter it is a fun space pvp battle game that gets you lots of credits and xp.
3.You have to be patient to play this game. I say this because there is a fair amount of walking (you get sprint and speeders to make you go faster along the way) ((sprint at lvl 10 and speeder tier 1 at lvl 25 for 35k)) and dialogue (you can skip this dialogue with spacebar but it is advised to read story dialogue)
4.feel free to pick which ever class you enjoy best except if you want to be with us in needs to be on the republic side.
5.Oh and I am the only healer there is no need for any more healers.
6.Of coarse “Have Fun!” ;D

In addition of having godsjedi as a healer I am the backup in case he is not via someone calling his house for an extended amount of time. Also don’t feel pressured to go and be experienced with the game we will walk you through it and if not I personally will do it by myself.

And to the people wanting to be on the dark side I started a bounty hunter last night and it is pretty fun but I will mainly play with the other guys on the light side. PM me if you have any questions, or want to play dark side. I hope that the teamspeak server will have a light side and a dark side, just a thought.

I also would not mind getting out a dark side character. I already do have a imp. agent so I would probably go with bounty hunter.
I am also about to create the guild if everything goes right :wink:

Hey guys the group has all but fallen apart. It is just me and Seth playing right now Jon left without a warning. Seth and I have been playing as new characters recently but we still are playing on our old ones. We desperately need more players. It has gotten to the point where we are fighting. It is pretty bad need someone to play with us please.

Jon didn’t leave without warning, he has this thing called “school work” which he told me about, apparently it takes up most of his play time.

Well I did not hear about this. I think you are mad that you got burned last night by The Dread Father.

I can babysit you guys in the TeamSpeak, you know. Stop all the fights. XD

I have no idea what you are talking about or how that relates to this… :confused:

I just want to let people know that I have not been on and Seth has no one else to play with him. I know it is fault for putting myself in this predicament but he is unjustly paying for my mistake as well.