OHNOES! Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas…

We AAAALLLLLL know what happens when Disney tries to make a action film.


It doesn’t work. And the film sucks.

I can see it now.
STAR WARS IIX: The Toad Strikes Back
STAR WARS IX: Cinderella, You’re Not my Mother!
STAR WARS X: It will be failed by the 8[sup]th[/sup]

Although, Pirates of the Caribbean was good. The first one at least. Most recent one was awful.
As for star wars…
Animated… clone wars… blergh… nuff said.

I cant wait for the character list.

Mouse Windu
Darth Duck
and Emperor Plutotine

Its going to be directed by the same man who dkrected the avengers. And, they didnt buy starwars, they bought lucasarts.

Dear god… that’s even worse. They actually made some half decent games. Battlefront II - freakin loved that game xD
Although saying that some of their other games were dump.

NOOOOO! I was waiting for BF3! they had dev trailer already somewhere D:


Disney is gonna kill star wars. It will be dead. lame. corny. Just overall bad.

I can’t believe George! How could he do this?! Now star wars graphics are gonna go down to where it’s like a cartoon. Don’t even get me started about the games. I’m pretty sure there are gonna be missions about making peace because “violence” is “bad.” The weapons are probably gonna be water guns and the Rocket launcher will be a Super Soaker. :stuck_out_tongue:

And something tells me there gonna make something where they ruin Chewy by making him talk and making “friends.”

This is a nightmare. There is a chance and i could be wrong (which i’m hoping i am.) where Disney doesn’t make star wars any better, but doesn’t ruin too much. (hopefully.)

LOL LIAM! Where’d you find that?

Someone posted it on facebook yesterday, I loled.

lmao… all i can see is a Star Wars level in Kingdom Hearts III…

If they do that i will laugh my ass OFF playing through that whole level XD

I hope they had some part in the contract that if they want to do anything with Star Wars then they have to get an “okay” from George Lucas himself.

Sora and Riku vs Darth Vader…


Lucas is a creative consultant for the 7th film.

Thank god

I still don’t approve of this.

Battlefront 3 will be no more. :frowning:


WOW you guys are really negative about this. I had thought that the general consensus was that George himself had been making really bad decisions about Star Wars for the last few years.

I HIGHLY doubt that Disney would commit suicide by defacing what people expect out of Star Wars. Seriously, if they cartoonize it any more than George did… Clone wars was fairly good, but clearly meant for a younger audience.

I believe this could be an amazingly good thing for Lucas Arts (the studio). They will have a lot more funding for making amazing games. I see no reason why BF3 would be canceled because of this.

I would LOVE to see Star Wars stuff in Kingdom Hearts. It would be really funny at least. I don’t think they will do it though. The setting is already a bit like Star Wars with a Jedi Council (Keyblade Masters), and other similarities.