Why hello, there. Bam here. I just wanted to say, that I honestly think there should be building ranks on this server because on this server, there is none! I think it should be the other way around. Because people could tell, by their building rank, “Woah… That guy is a great builder!” OR “That guy sucks at building…” Either way. It could also bring
attention to the people with those ranks. I also think, Maybe I should get trust… xD This might sound odd, but I wanna know what I can do to get it as soon as possible, I do not greif, I don’t do ANY cursing. (I seriously don’t) And, I never spam blocks/mob eggs. I’m just sharing my opinion, and you might think otherwise.
Either way.

Dear bam,
I think the builder ranks is a great idea, staff, you should really implement this. :wink:

-Anty PCB Donater

It takes a long time for people to get trusted (For me just over 6 months). You may be trustworthy and a dedicated player on the server but there’s lots of other people out there just like you plus you have to be nominated by a SOP (I think). Carry on being the nice, trustworthy dedicated player you are and one day you may be recognized! :smiley:

Look at ElydoreMD, it took him over a year!

I don’t think we need to change the ranks. Our community is small enough where we know who is a great builder and who isn’t so great. We don’t need ranks to label people as a great builder or a bad builder.

trusted is not something you can get in a few days you need to have been on for awhile and active, helpful and trustworthy and just so you know asking for trusted is not gonna help if anything staff will get annoyed you. We are here to have fun and we don’t need to be labeled as good or bad builders, you improve over time.

We don’t need new ranks to inflate your ego.

In addition, if you have to ask for trusted, you probably don’t deserve it.

Here’s the deal. You’re looking for other people to build with of similar building standards. That or you’re asking for a step up in rank so that you could have the permissions that Trusted members have. Project City Build has had the same ranks for as long as it’s been a community. I joined 3 years ago and worked my way to the rank I am now and so have others. If our ranking system upsets you then perhaps you should be building on another server. It’s your call as to how you want to play and it seems as if our current system that’s been the way it has been forever isn’t good enough for you. I could assure you I’m speaking on behalf of each and every staff that we are not changing our system, and if you would like to continue playing here on our server we encourage you to do so. Make some friends, figure out for yourself who’s a good builder and who’s not. It’s not a difficult task to ask someone if you can see their builds.

there is a thing called ; Eyes … use them to see who can build good.

No need to insult :smiley:

This was suggested a while back as this is how the ranks were done in Classic. It worked there, but it was decided it wouldn’t translate over well to SMP/CMP, and it could also be complicated to do so.

It’s a nice idea, but not practical and not hugely necessary.

As before, denied, sorry!