Staff, Non-Staff WAR!

So I just though of this awesome idea for an event:
We have Staff members (mod+) fight against Non-Staff members (Donator/Trusted/members/guests) in an all out war! This would have even chances because, even though most staff have better items for being on the server longer, there is many more non-staff members so the numbers will equal the experience. Now for this battle to be had, we would need a new area to be built just for this event (maybe even for future events) that we could make look awesome and have special features to it, just like the new CTF place we just made.

Post in this thread if you agree or disagree with this idea.

You actually posted it… :o

What about a nice friendly game of CTF of staff vs non staff? lol

I think it would be fun to have a little Staff vs non-staff battle.
And I still really think that even if we don’t have this battle we should have an area built for wars to go down.
it could look like a real town(or honestly whatever everybody’s heart desires).
That way, when a war happens people wont get upset because their town was chosen to be the fighting grounds. ^-^

To what extent would the players and staff be equipped with? I can give myself diamond armor and a sword and enchant them with every single max enchantment possible. The result would be I take extremely low damage, fire resistant, explosion resistant, and I can knockback players, set them on fire, and hit them 3 times as hard.

I don’t think even 10 of our richest players would kill me with their best equipment if I had all that equipped.

Equipment if up for discussion right now actually. If we have it required to be specific, then its just about MC skill. If its your own than it might not be as even, but still, we have some pretty strong non-staff members and like is said, the numbers could out-do the Equipment staff has. So discuss what you people think would be best and lets make this event happen!

Is this going to be organized? Is there going to be killing in random towns and anywhere people feel like. Or, are there going to be certain war zones, or… what.

Yeah I already mentioned where it would be.

Sorry, I didn’t catch that.


Op Chest is Op… mai gawd Nam…

Edit: I feel like this will bring up a hunger games that members have to compete in if we lose… to… well… remind us that we lost. lol, I’d be up for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take items out of the picture, give a diverse set of equipment for each side and then have fun. I would be down. Plus I have nothing.

If staff doesnt abuse shit…

Nektm You forgot Ur fishing rod In your list of awesome equips

I’m poor… this will not end well for me in iron armour.

On this note, I will join Brodur and help him out. After all, My only deaths in Hunger GAmes is just falling from a high place…

I was already building a castle just for this purpose.
Check (677, -2793) on the dyna map!

I dont understand the need for pvp in minecraft, im staying out of it, and im not going to be the solution in giving peoples items back when they start complaining.

Pssh I was killed by yomi and lost diamond armour and a creeper head. I ended up not starting to care :smiley:

Itll happen watch