Staff Appreciation Day?

List suggestions of things to do, I was too lazy to think of anything. Just thought it would be a good idea.

I could see a parade where we lead them while they ride horses. Maybe a shrine build off in creative. idk it would be fun though.

[size=14pt]Octo already has his party off to a fly XD

Speaking of which

Ag that was fucking terrifying.

This is a godawful idea. Why would you even suggest it?

This should be every day.

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I lost it at 1:03

The original cows cows cows is so much worse

Cow centipede…

What just happened?

Better question, young padawan: What DIDN’T just happen?

Have you even seen the sheep one?

Of course, and it’s just as horrific



I went into a sneezing fit just seeing this


r.i.p vegans and get rekt aliens