Staff app glitch?

I was looking in the staff apps and I noticed, all the approved apps have been denied. Is this a glitch or did someone press deny after they were accepted?

No glitch, The time just expired…

Hmmm… It may be something to do with ggggeee

I don’t think so. This has been like this before gggeee started banning people.

Yes, as I said when the time is expired the app gets denied, even if its approved.

im not sure where you see this, the apporved are below the denied/expired.

Its approved by kyle, but the time expired so it says denied


Odd, it shows me that I denied that app. You sure this does not happen with all apps? I just checked. It does. The apps are filed in the right area for approved/denied, but display denied by “” even if that was an approval.

Not a huge issue really. One question is about LegendofCharks. Was that one actually approved?