SquidHQ, and why we should use it

You may have heard of SquidHQ, and it’s bypassing of the blacklist, but might not have started using it because “we don’t need to, PCB is EULA-compliant”. However, I would like to encourage others to start using it, right now, because Mojang has started blacklisting servers without notification. While PCB may be compliant to the EULA, we must encourage players to pick up the incentive - If players use SquidHQ, it tells Mojang that the players do not agree with their forcing of the EULA on the players. Many servers have been blacklisted just for minor offences to the EULA.
Not convinced? Here is a snippet of a server’s owner’s stance on the situation.

Server owners should be pushing for SquidHQ as much as possible and applying proper incentives now. If they wait until they're blacklisted to push it, players will be cut off from the main source of information.

If you intend on being compliant, you should still push for players to use SquidHQ as soon as possible. Just as Mojang expanded their EULA to block vote rewards, they may once again expand it in the future to block cosmetic rewards. They may decide to blacklist without first contacting server owners. You do not want to find yourself stuck in that position. Take the proper preventive measures - Push for SquidHQ regardless of how you intend to go about handling the EULA.

General piece of advice to server owners who didn’t figure this out already.


SquidHQ is exactly like the regular Minecraft launcher, except it bypasses the server blacklist. All your regular saves, texture packs, and mods will work on SquidHQ as well as they do on Vanilla. You do not need to login again on SquidHQ if you have logged in on Vanilla, and if your anti-virus detects something, be ensured that it is safe. If you are not convinced, SquidHQ is a open source project - you can go in and read the source code if you’d like.
Please do use SquidHQ - it works on PCB, too.

If players want to use this client, that is their own choice, but I think I speak for most of the staff when I say we won’t be actively advising or encouraging players to use this client.

I’m not asking staff to encourage people to use it, I’m raising awareness about it.

Just as Mojang expanded their EULA to block vote rewards,

Just to clarify, vote rewards always have been and still are allowed under the Minecraft EULA because they are available to all players for free.
The only things not allowed are servers where players can pay for gameplay perks. Only cosmetic, non-gameplay changing perks are allowed to be sold by servers.
This has been the case for years. The only thing that ever changed is that Mojang started to actually enforce it.

I would be incredibly sceptical of any server who tells you to use this client. Mojang only blacklist servers who are charging players for gameplay changing perks; in other words, pay to win servers. If a server owner is telling you to use this client, their server either currently is or intends to become pay to win.

[size=14pt]PCB DOES NOT recommend using non-mojang launchers.

I have yet to see any evidence of server blacklisting without contact. The last server was blacklisted 22 days ago. There’s also no such thing as a minor EULA breaking, you either break it or you don’t.