Spore5127 - I do not know, have not been on Minecraft for a few months because I was moving.


Minecraft Username Spore5127

Date of Ban I do not know, have not been on Minecraft for a few months because I was moving.
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I do not know

Reason for Ban "Griefing Jail"

Reason to be Unbanned Alright, so I thought that place was abandoned because it was literally half of a building and my friend SirHuggyPaws told me that mossy cobblestone and cobblestone bricks were worth a lot in the market. SirHuggyPaws also told me that he saw that building weeks (or maybe a week) before, and today when I asked my friend Demography what “jail” is, he said that there is an actual WARP to it… I was very confused. I’m sorry that the admins cared about that building and had to roll what I did back. Please unban me and I’ll be more careful next time, this was a misunderstanding.

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
10th of June, 2014

9th of June, 2014

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I wasn’t who banned, but I will make ONE remark here.

Really? You think, just because something appears to be abandoned, that we think it’s okay to dismantle it for your own gain? That’s honestly one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve heard to make grief okay.

As I said, I didn’t ban, but whoever did, consider his reasoning behind it, and tell me if it constitutes the act. If it were my option, I’d say that I need more reasoning as to why we should unban, if all you will do is raid abandoned homes to break them for yourself.

And also, you’ve been banned before for doing things you shouldn’t be doing. That alone makes me wary of your intentions here.

Banned by Duckgyver

Oh one for me! I remember this! Yeah, quite a few people griefed this building!

I’ll unban you, but remember not to destroy or alter anything that you haven’t built!