Spontaneous decision

So just an hour ago my friend who lives in about 3 hours away, up in London said “help, i’m lonely come visit me” and i somehow ended up going “ok no problem” and booked tickets to visit her. like, just now, for tomorrow after work. scary.

So, as a result i ill be offline till Saturday evening/Sunday which is a shame, since checking the forums daily is like my routine xD

have fun all :smiley:

Have fun =D and u always need to go out suddenly =P

NAICE. well have fun. You should totally save money and ride your bike up there though! =P

I never do stuff like that.
I think too much.
I edited this post something like 5 times while writing it, before posting it. Changing wording, spacing between lines, extra info etc.


Extra info? Liam that post was as bare as a naked mole rat’s forearm.
Having said that, I do hat a lot too…

Im not sure it is healthy to do hats Ouhai. that sounds painful.

EDIT: Post 2500

Screw you, I’m on a phone

lol you tell him ruby! XD


I live in London!

hahahah you guys amuse me xD well train leaves in a bit so ciao :stuck_out_tongue:

and nice whubilly :stuck_out_tongue: from weymouth myself :3


CBA to make a new thread so i’ll just mention it here. yes hello im alive…i know i have sorta…fallen off of the face of the earth the last week but dont worry: this is normal for me

ATM i have developed a rather unhealthy obsession/addiction to the Mass Effect trilogy (well, more specifically Garrus Vakarian <3) so in my spare time off work i have been locking myself in my room to play the heck out of the game(s) im sure i’ll resurface soon once ive worked it out of my system (and being a perfectionist… get 100% trophy achievements for my ps3 :D)

Ps3 wooooo xD

I’ve never played Mass Effect. I know what you mean with being a completionist though, I will walk around the maps in the Modern Warfare cod series looking for that damn intel for ages…

yeah i highly recommend playing it. trophies aside the storyline is friggin epic! (must refrain from adding something fangirlish about Garrus here) God dammit ive been stuck at my dads today and i feel like ive gone cold turkey…not starting the 2nd game is actually driving me insane :3

I’m with you Sylvie on the Garrus fandom. I took him everywhere in all three games. Not only is he awesome overall, his skills kick ass! If only I could take Tali, Garrus, and Mordin with me in every city. The games get better each time. The last one has fail ending, but enjoy the ride!

All the characters are fun to bring places the humor is fantastic. Because I played mine on PC, I modded a few things about my character (first game only). The mod community is huge.

My favorite part with garrus was [details=“Spoiler”]reuniting with him in mass effect 2 when he got his scar[/details]