Spiralvenom789: 09/17

i was messing around and i got banned :frowning: now i have no other servers that are as fun as this server


Name: Spiralvenom789
Date Banned: September 17
Staff Member who Banned you: _Specialk
Reason: Sexual Harassment

and i am soo srry can you guys plz unban me :’(

What did you get banned for?

Removed poll. This shouldnt be a community thing. its staff of the SMP/CMP server

im srry caan you plz unban me im sooo srry i dont know what i did for that

is there anything i can do to get unbanned you guys were the only mc friends i have



but seriously how have you been a jerk to me?

yes a while ago and more

Spiral, you were banned by _specialk due to Sexual harassment. As posted earlier, this type of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Due to the severity of the issue you will not be unbanned.

I unlocked this. I believe spiral should get a second chance in this case, i feel that this wasn’t entirely his fault. He wasn’t that bad at all, compared to fili. If fili could get multiple chances for doing stupid things similar to this, spiral should get a second chance.

yah i dont even know what i did

and if you let me get a second chance i promise i will tone it down sooo plz you guys are my only mc friends and the best ik

Chill out, dont double post.


In a ban appeal, it is beneficial to post in complete sentences or at least words. Please try not to use slang to this extent.

Spiral, do you actually understand what you got banned for?

sorry again im just kinda shookin up

[quote=“Goofmobber, post:16, topic:15437”]Spiral, do you actually understand what you got banned for?[/quote] yes but no maybe because i cursed when that 8 year old was there but i swear i didnt mean it can you guys plz forgive me or gi[size=78%]ve me another chance i wont get super mad or kill people for no reason

Alright. First off, quit double posting.

Second, you answered my question with a yes, no, and a maybe.

You didn’t just “curse at an 8 year old”. You were banned for sexual harassment, which, if this was real life, you could be facing serious charges for.

In my opinion (Which most obviously doesn’t mean shit no more) we do not have nor have I seen any true evidence for him being banned. For all we know he could have said fuck and that’s why he was banned, which in the past has meant nothing.

I say in the past because the current law against cursing means I can’t say compass…

besides i dont know what i did for sexual herasment