Spelevator - I don\'t know


Minecraft Username Spelevator

Date of Ban I don’t know
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by jmvvana

Reason for Ban griefing again

Reason to be Unbanned i should be unbanned because i am sorry for griefing again i just wanted to remodel a town to make it look nicer

Ps i really miss this server very much

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
8th of August, 2016

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1st Offence) I caught you in the act of greifing, it was minor, so I jailed you and told you that you would be unjailed, and if you wished to stay a part of PCB, you would repair the greif. When I unjailed you continued to greif. I unbanned you on thin ice.

2nd Offence) I flew by the town which you had greifed before, and low and behold, more greif.

On top of this, you just flat out lied. You said that you wanted to make the town look nicer? How is greif nice? It wasnt even your town.

You’re staying banned for a while.