Spawnpoint Building Project

I am aware that the current Tekkit map is to be wiped in the upcoming months, but I still think it would be a cool project to have an actual spawn building, instead of a random swamp. I know I need administrator support for this, which I’m hoping I’ll get.

Anyway, that’s my suggestion.

Yes. Build something epic. I need to work out the details for actually building it, because spawning of items will be necessary.

So is that permission to start building something? Or should we wait for you to plan out what the spawn building will look like?

world guard the area 250 x 250?

Set it to creative, set it to erase invs on leave.

Haha this was mine and iLoveLampXx idea which i then asked fatso anyway i would be up for helping if you require me, be nice to help out on something like this…

I would suggest the the spawn has alot of the items of which could be used to craft so would help players along :slight_smile:

Let me know if you desire help
_ Rippor

Yeah we’ll need all the help we can get, I guess it will be posted here when we’re good to go?

Probably, just hang tight!

John I’m giving you worldedit to set the region up. I really don’t care what you guys do as long as it’s awesome. It will be kept upon the map wipe.

Okay, I solemly swear i wont use it for anything else.

Ill be on in a few to work on it.

So is there any way I can get creative privileges to help with the build?

Currently working on that.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I do want to say this, Please be a try hard when it comes to building spawn. I, and probably most of the server, would like to see nice builds and very advanced buildings there. This means detail and not something half-assed.

like 80.98% of my builds? xD

Also i would love to see what you can create. Ill get tekkit later in the year at some point.

Hard and I spent an hour and a half on the bridge that is built at the un-and-coming spawn.

Need any help then just ask i will be more than willing to help :slight_smile:

Would I be able to help build spawn? (A ship! All spawns in PCB need ships!) This of course would be easier with world edit not so subtle hint, but I could do without, just the bow, is a pain to get right for Cutters.

Just make it good or its gone :stuck_out_tongue:

Brodur - make it like our thing on survival - a new take on ship :stuck_out_tongue:

So, anyone think I might get perms some time soon?