SP_ Save Share

Well says what it is really,

I’ve started to make a well sorta world witch contains Villege’s,Towns,citys . but really unfinished atm ,

To install:
1.un rar it an drop on desktop
2.goto C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Roaming.minecraft\Saves . an drop the folder in there
C:\ (should be on your main hdd) Username (your user account name)
3. rename the folder to witch ever save slot u have free
I.e if world 5 is free rename the folder to world5
4. load Minecraft.exe an load the save slot

do same as above i believe but the saves are located in “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/”

Yoshi Town.
Imfo: Most of it was made without invedit only really used invedit for water to try fix water flow, most blocks i got from making tnt an making a big mine to gather from :slight_smile:

Also i use http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/romecraft/
texture pack , just makes it look abit better :slight_smile:

Ill update as i get more done, if ur lost follow the torchs they might be oldly placed beacuse i use them to find my way

My map is nothing special, just somthing i used to get the hang of minecraft an it helps pass time (alot of time)


This could be a great idea for people who dont have SMP, or anyone really, download the map, add a building,upload it, then someone else can download and add another building,untill we have a huge ass city/village/empire :L

But then they have to be getting the map one by one, or else 2 or more people will download the same map, but then upload it with new buildings which the other one doesn’t have.

Well i had though of that idea an my idea was to send it to 1 person at a time then they send it to another or set up like a timetable sorta thing .

We should also state a few rules , ie using Invedit. well fell free to put that idea into play, can even use my map if u wish , it has a bit of everything in each chest :slight_smile:

or we could just start a new map :slight_smile:

i like it rippor, new map i think :smiley: we should make a marker for the spawn, then build a path until we find somewhere suitable for the empire.

SO… should we make this new thread, as an Project ?
a single player project, we could even make a new map on a server an make the same sorta kingdom , sorta like a city but instead a Kingdom an we could even make 1-4 groups slit players up and each group makes a castle for there leader and surrounding towns etc, but only trusted players can participate Ie builder adv builders u get the point

yes. what you justsaid xD

I think empire. not a modern city. like, castles n shiz

Ok, is this a sp project or online project?

OK this is my .minecraft file with Plane mod and single player commands, fatso wanted to check this out so i thought i might aswell share it :slight_smile:

once loaded save do this
/reach 5 to set to defualt,think 5 is defualt
/fly turn it off
/setspeed 1 sets to default
/instantmine turns instant mine off

Mods installed
Plane mod
Single player comamnds

Read me conatins
Links (get controls/commands from pages)

Map contains
hanger : plane is there and across from plane is a chest wih coal

Download contains

Virus scan

Prog: NOD32
Result: Clean

[size=8pt]Download links
Size : 30.3 MB
File: .Rar
Rapid share:

Also anyone up for a single player save project . i.e the save gets passed around an each person adds new stuff to it.

If your intrested pm/post reply and i’ll make a list of the order in witch it gets passed around. and ill send it to the first person and the next person then pm’s link to the next etc

Use my .minecraft if you wish for this as it has single player commands installed and plane mod for you to explore .