Soz guys :(

Man I’ve been busy so I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get on for quite sometime. To be honest I may not be able to get on again in the next three weeks.

I’ve just entered to paintings into one exhibition and have to make heaps more for another exhibition plus I have two commissioned paintings to do. Mixed in with my everyday life and my preparations to go on exchange things are looking crazy.

Love you guys so much and am missing you all like crazy

Hey, have fun with your painting, its a hobby. Don’t let it stress you out.

And we’ll still be here when you get back, there’s no rush. The server’s been pretty dead anyway what with the 1.6 launch and the FTB server going up.

It’s kinda how I make money… it did start off as a hobby I might post a pic of my current fav painting that I just finished when I get the pic…

Cool! You must be pretty good if you make money off of it. I would like to see!

I’ve now got a facebook page with my artwork up … be prepared for a shock becayse its not exactly what you would expect.

Looks awesome Em!

Uhh thxs I’ve been trying really hard and its kind of starting to pay off :slight_smile:

I liked your page. It really was interesting and original. I don’t often see art like it which is why people probably like it. Thanks for sharing!

Indeed i did the same. I know an art otaku here in FL, ill tell her about it, perhaps you can get an overseas buyer!

Man you guys are amazing and thxs for having a look. I need to get myself the money to pay for my exchange to Taiwan. I can’t really get a part time job where I live.