Hey i know i just started to join back up and started to play in game again since most of my tests are over and school is slowing down. But a few days ago my laptop broke and it will take awhile before i can get back on. ill keep you updated though! talk to you guys later -Jake


Ok see you soon

Cya then.

Cya soon Jake! =)

Hey Again, sooooo my computer is still being worked on… But i wanted to say it should be fixed sometime this week! Also Good/Bad news is that i just got hired to work at a summer camp for the entire summer. I’ll be making over 2000 dollars by the end. And whats awesome is that the camp has WiFi for the staff members so i’d be able to get on the server again every once and awhile when i’m on a break here and there! :smiley: but it’ll most likely be only on weekends or in the evenings, but im really excited to get back on the server! I’ll see you guys soon! Thanks! -Jake

I hope to see you soon, Mr. Moneybags, thats a pretty good wage, if you have any extra, you can mail it to me. (jk, have fun, and I hope to see you as soon as possible!)

Well you have to subtract the insurance that I’m having to pay for the car i’m driving, and i’d have to put some money away for gas and food, Then my parents want some of it to go to my college fund. So i literally have only a small bit of that money to buy games. so none for you sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the drawing board, then. Is anyone up for a bank heist?

Im down for it 50-50

I hope you come back soon! :smiley:

No if we do this its an even 50-25-25, 50 for me, 25 for you two. Even split xP