Guys i came here to sya im soory for being annoying but i was trying to break the annoying barrier (which i did).
That sword was very important, because it was free and made of wood.
Please stop kicking me from the server

I didnt mean to annoy you that much I just had to much icecream.

lphil32 :’(

Well well, who comes crying now?
It wasn’t me or Ruby that kicked you it was Gggeeee
We had told you to stop multiple times, even when Andy was there you continued, you had griefed extra_limits home’s walls and ran off. You then started to stalk people, those people were : Gggeeee, Jgja1 and me.
And yet, you still continued.

Since when did I grief the walls of his home?

Stalking people In a videogame?

I did not touch and have never touched or broken someone’s walls or home on this server without permission of the owner, extra_limits is lying.

Perfect example that being a donator does not excuse you from breaking the rules.

But still, if you would post more information about this, it seems he’s not aware of the true reason he was banned.

I am still waiting for a satisfactory answer as to why I was banned. >:(

you kept uding your donater rights to tele into my house, then after i asked you to leave more than 5 times you ignored me, then you broke my wall so you could leave. thats after insulting me about my building, and stalking me.

The first time I went into your house I left promptly after being asked, I DID NOT BREAK ANY WALLS AS THAT WOULD BE BREAKING THE RULES AND WOULD RESULT IN A BAN.
I did not ask to be trusted so what makes you think I want to be?
Donators have the same rights as any member or guest. They are privileges not “rights” and are to be used appropriately to aid in creations. I donated because I saw it as an opportunity to be helpful and giving to a worthy cause.
I did not “insult” you about your building I complimented your creation.
Lying will get you nowhere
Vaio can check the block history and he will find that I did not even touch it

lphil. DO NOT come on here apologising and feeling sorry for your self

lphil32 :'(
Then once people start to talk about un-banning you, acting... well... like an arse basically. Like Nek said, just because you are a donator, it doesn't mean you have any more power than a trusted player. From what I have read, this sort of attitude you are showing in this post, is what got you banned in the first place. Tip for you - Don't reply again until you are given a legit reason to. Ops can check who has broken what, or made what, and I assume vaio checked extra_limits house, and your name was on the griefing.

I will admit that I was being an arse at the time but I still KNOW that I did not touch anything of extra_limits’ property.

I am still awaiting proof of blocks destroyed in his house are my fault.

I don’t get you, first your being an asshole, the next day your crying, then your a douche again, make up your mind.

erm well if you went into his hous, you were touching the floor and air, you probably ran into a wall or some furniture so technically you were toucing his stuff

well, lphil, i have more than one staff on the server who will say, you did say, YOUR HOUSE SUCKS, hard24get saw it, he replied …, also after ggggeee tped me to the island to help him clear treesm you tped me to you somewhere random and logged out, once again there were staff who wittnessed it, i think andy did.

This has nothing to do with my house and only I know where my house is.

Also logging in and out quickly loads chunks faster for me.

How is teleporting someone to your location a bannable offence?! It is not like I killed you and stole your diamonds.

ahem I will be locking this appeal, its obvious he’s been unbanned so it is unnescesary to keep this up and start a 1v100 war. have a nice day.