Sorry about my inactivity....

Yeah. I didn’t post on Friday because I thought I would have plenty of time online this week. But unfortunately I didn’t get any until now. We have a family of foreign guests at our house so it’s been chaotic. I’ve had a week of long days and late nights which will carry on till Sunday afternoon.

What nationality are they?


Ay no problem ouhai. :wink: I don’t really see u online like the SMP folk… But hey, I know how chaotic it can get when family members come over. :stuck_out_tongue: But at least you’re back. :slight_smile:

IKEA <33333333333

I wonder if they know Notch!

Ruby, if they are sweedish please remember not to “stip in da doough” XD

Yah sorry bout mine too >.< i have been really busy and my computer kept on having problems with the website and this error screen would pop up… idk where that came from…

are you using google chrome?

Lol, I have been trying a free game called AirMech. I’m helping out HuskyStarcraft by referring him. He will be able to design a ship in the game if he gets 1000 people to lvl 10. Easy for a guy with so many fans. I think he has about 200 so far. Over 2000 have gotten to lvl 5.

Also, as stated before, the forums were not showing me new posts. I’m catching up now.

I’m online again now, they went home :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! I mean… aww :frowning: Well we’re just glad to see u back online! And…

Do they? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Not every Swedish person in the world knows Notch and Bjorn Borg… It’s like saying to every American ‘Hey, do you know Tom Cruise?’

wasnt implying that every swedish person knows notch and bjorn borg… It wasnt a joke, I was really asking :frowning:

Well then, no :stuck_out_tongue:

And i know this has NOTHING to do with this topic, but i didnt want to start a whole 'nother one. So that thing where people arent supposed to get on SMP, is that still going on?

Well, I can’t get on right now. I am not entirely sure why. For the moment, I am visiting classic.

special has down for some reason? you can get on the new vanilla server though Kyle.

Yea I haven’t been able to access the server since 1.3 came out (my jar is still 1.2.5)

same here, i updated to 1.3 after backing my BIN up, but when i was 1.2.5 i was still unable to connect to it. i got on it one day witha direct connection to the server, but it wont recognize it normally.