SOPA (again)
Decided to post this considering it is very important, think of it as an update to Lemons post
-------For you people who dont understand the video-----------
My picture describes this very simply

:o I wander how long until this guy gets killed by the government for showing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Myth, Hard made this. BTW lol.

Well all i can say is…
good luck hard. ;D

hard made the video?

I made the picture, not the video. The video is from a guy that we all should know XD

Andy, here’s the thing to put over the website’s banner. Starts here:

Do we really need to get our website involved in this SOPA crap? Whatever happens, happens. Our playerbase come on here for fun, not to get involved in bills and politics.

the last time we tried having a debate keaton and i raged at each other

I for one, am interested in this subject, but agree that the site does not need to put up a banner for it. Keep it in the forums guys.