SOP help

When the server was restarted earlier today, I lost a enchanted diamond sword that I had bought from Ferr yesterday for $1k. It had sharpness III, looting III and unbreaking III (I added unbreaking after purchase). I was wondering if an SOP+ can spawn the item for me. If not, that’s cool. Thanks!

I can help you, but I need to know where I can drop it off if you are not online.

I would like to know how the item was lost though. Just curious.

I live in Volterra, city that has a warp. I put a chest on the roof on my house. It"s giant and mainly sandstone. Next to the warp.

When the server got reset, I was putting things in a chest. I reconnected and the sword was missing.


He wasn’t very descriptive :stuck_out_tongue:

I know which house he lives in. It’s the one with all he colors with double iron doors. It has a massive white umbrella on top.

Okay, that was a fast response. I checked your chest and found quite a few nice things in there. Among them was a Dim sword with sharpness IV and unbreaking III. I added looting III to that one and as a bonus, repaired all items in there.

I suspect that you probably had another sword, but I hope fixing this one makes up for it. It has better power anyway.