sop greifing!!!

theres a greif!!! check it out on classic!! its on main! i think a sop did it… if anyone would stop by i treid fixing it but its sop+ so can a admin please come??

That sucks, I can’t think of any sops that would intintianally grief like that.

I know right? im still confused why a SOP would do that.

Can we have a bit more detail on this? Has anyone used /b on the grief?

I went on the server about and hour or so after this was posted, and there wasn’t any griefing there from what i could tell o:

'Twas not I… I was at the grandparents farm working all day…

Could it have been an Op?? They have access to zoning… >.>

from the logs it was you john… might have been a mistake jetbirdie saw it. ask him

Yes, please do, for ‘I’ was not on, i have not had computer access today since after this was posted…

Also, why the hell would i grief a server that i have been on for multiple years?

How bad was the greif? Even I admit that occasional I have broken a few holes in the falling tube in main, mainly due to me clicking on the screen to get it to respond XD.

It probably was a accident but I found 4 holes on the wall that all pointed out that John did it. Probably a mistake made long time ago sorry John

I tried to find the griefing, but could not. I’m guessing this was really minor?

K. I think this is settled so I’m locking this.