SOP+ for Pro?

first things first

  1. how many sop+ actually get on regularly?

  2. do/can i have permission to promote adv to pro (if they have 2 votes. other wise “vote” for their rank.)



P.S i do have experience…

Problem is, a lot lie about how many votes they have. More staff need to be on more often, including myself.

As with my previous suggestion, I recommend that advbuilders who want to get ranked to probuilder MUST register in the forums and post his/her works here. We could simply look at the pictures and vote if its worthy or not. Simple, but very effective.

Kedjis right many lie. Doing it on the fourms is more efficient

I think adv-pro should have to to post apps, instead of us posting apps for them. AKA, ked’s idea. We did it once I think.

Didn’t we consider that already?

Sorry if If I’m being really stupid (lots of long days and late nights recently) but the title suggests that all SOP+ should have the Pro rank. That doesn’t make sense because SMP/CMP ranks already transfer to classic. I.E: SOP in SMP/CMP = SOP in Classic.

The title is confusing but the question is a good one. It is a bit unknown how many staff regularly visit classic. I think those looking for pro should put in an app. The thing is, I really miss being able to comment on a staff app form. If they do it in the forum, then a template/example form should be made for them to fill out.

We may make a new board just for them so they can find it easily.

Well I totally agree with that! :stuck_out_tongue: