something random


That was hilarious. ;D You could say that nothing is perfect, and a malfunction can happen anytime, when you use a computer.

presumably this is because I’m really out of pop culture but:

what’s wrong?

Tbh that wasn’t necessarily a shit DJ (he didn’t actually do any DJing in that clip), that was just a really shit crowd.


erm. again. a great show of what I know, but,

aren’t the crowd there to listen? and I think they were listening, it looked like they were? were they not?

That dell must have a 4:3 aspect ratio

And I wonder if intel sent him over

That’s THE definition of a shit crowd, damn.

I don’t listen to electronic music or whatever you call it now, so I don’t really know what people consider good though I didn’t see anything wrong with what the DJ was doing, the crowd was so shitty