Something I made...

Well, i’ve been playing around in blender and kinda made this short little animation. Its just me, walking and running, I just wanted to get your opinions on how it currently looks. Im not really into blender, im more into Maya and 3dsmax animating style, but my pc is pretty trash so it can’t run it, so I decided to learn blender and made this as my first test for future animations i might make. Whatcha guys think?

Minecraft animation Test

Really awesome ymb!

Very nice, wish i could get into blender. It’s just a little hard when nobody really showed me how it works. I would more likely get into 2d animation (if i only had the right tablet for my dumb mac).

Programs I suggest for 2d animations would probably be Flash CS5, not blender. You don’t need someone to teach you about it, you can find step by step tutorials to learn the basics of any program :slight_smile:

looks just like you xD

Not bad :smiley:

I should download Blender and mess around with it sometime looks like fun if you know what you are doing.

Not bad. But there’s a couple of things I noticed that make it look a little off:

  1. Your speeds are too constant. The speed when actually pushing with your foot and being sort of “in the air” should be different. At the moment it looks like he’s gliding in the air.

  2. No change vertically. Again it looks like he’s gliding because your character is only moving horizontally and has no change in vertical positioning (or if there is, it’s not enough to notice).

Also… dem ground artifacts ಠ_ಠ

^that. I don’t mind the other things so much because I figure you are getting used to it. Artifacts scare me know though, considering it meant I had to spend $110 for a new graphics card (and my dad still thinks the old one is fine -___-). I’m curious to what caused those artifacts as I don’t know that much about the rendering process. Either way I would like to see what you can make in the future, it’s really awesome to see the diversity of talent here, especially at a young age.

You’re right, thanks for letting me know, ima work on it a bit more to perfect it, I want to perfect the small things before i work on the bigger things.

Also for the artifacts, thats due to blender’s rendering program. It uses Python, and python is pretty bleh compared to Maya’s and 3ds max rendering software. So its not your graphic cards dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:

I know its not my graphics card, but I’m just much more aware of it now. The thing is I see other blender renders without any of the artifacts.

On a side note, do you plan on doing any big animation projects?

Yes, im thinking of doing like a comedy sketch and probably have all of you guys star in it :smiley:

I actually thought the ground lines were caused by overlapping planes/primitives/polygons/whatever-the-hell-you-call-it-in-blender. I get that impression since the artifact lines are jittering as the camera pans.

Is the ground a single object?

I WANA BE IN THE VID. :stuck_out_tongue:
I look to good in pixels not to be in it. ;D

D: all i can do in blander right now is make a light house… out of 3 cubes and a sphere.

The ground is about 5 meshes, but it isn’t aligned correctly. I’ve checked if they might be overlapped or something, but couldn’t find anything.