Someone PLEASE help.

When ever I try to go on something it says my services are no longer needed please help!

Where is this occurring? Can you be more specific?

On a webpage I backed out of and a server I tried to go on

Is this PCB’s webpage or what? If it’s not PCB-related, I don’t know how much I can help you.

It was another server but this was the first place I thought to come to. Plus, PCB’s server says, “Can’t connect to server.”

It is still not working… Neither is the PCB server :confused:

I’m pretty sure PCB’s issue isn’t related to whatever’s happening on your computer.

I am really confused right now… I can’t get on another server but I can get on other ones. Is PCB down for all of you?

Did I get banned? I am confused because if I got banned from the server I am trying to on to, it would have a reason and who banned me.

You are not banned. PCB is down, as you can tell my the fact it says ‘OFFLINE’ in big red letters at the top of the page. John is working on it.

What about the other server on there? It says my services are not needed. Know anything about that?

I don’t think any of us would. That would be something you have to ask about on that server’s forums.

Ok. Thank you.

On that note. Locked. This post is pushing all the relevant stuff down out of recent.