Someone play CS:GO ?

Did someone play cs ? if yeas and u wanna play with me do competition or every thing else on tell me im gonna add you :slight_smile:

I attempted to play it. It didn’t go well, I was absolutely awful. I’d like to get better but the learning curve is ridiculous… :open_mouth:

I have it and I got to level 3 in the new levels thingy, which is what you need to play competitive… but I played a match with a hacker and it put me back down to level 1 and I lost all my compet wins. So yeah, I kinda quite cs:go.

My brother offered me the game on Steam, but I haven’t played it yet, nor will in the nearby future because of the exams. My username on Steam is Elydore, you can add me if you like :slight_smile:

nice :stuck_out_tongue: if do someone wanna play ?

Meta seems to be training to play IRL CS:GO

I play CS if anyone wants to play just add me on steam!

Burgerman2468 is ma defult name but my nick name is Abraham Lincoln!

Feel free to add me!

I got it a few days ago. Havnt had the time to play it but when I do Ill let you know mini! do you have me on steam yet?>

I might like to play sometime after work. Just add me on steam. Penguiar. I should be in the PCB group.