Someone help me! D:

I am on The End glitching on the portal someone tp me to the creative of any part


Edit: You shouldn’t have done that Prince. You should do ./tphere and u save me and that’s all

I too am also stuck in the end map. Tried teleporting to Andre to physically see what was going on and then I got engulfed myself. Both of us Need Out

When I got stuck in the end I just hoped on minechat and it then teleported me to spawn.

Great… Now we are 3 STUCK in The End for fools -_-

Maybe try doing what @Katycat_ said, using Minechat to go to spawn.

How did you get stuck in the first place?!? XD

Sounds like a good plan imo…

thats what i did, when i got stuck, i went on minechat and did /home, it worked for me

why am i the only one here who doesn’t have minechat!?!?
I wish i could have it but i got the ID Blocked

Help me! The Server is Back up again but i am stucked yet!