Some things that need to be answered...

So, yomi is banned. Let’s refrain from discussing who did what to who.

But yomi was quite an active community member, and owned a town and was coordinating the end event. So what’s going to happen to Steampunk and the rather nice converted stronghold for the end event?

Namillo has been ordained the new owner of Steampunk via Yomi on Steam.

No idea about the End Event

Yomi is not banned as of yesterday. She is member rank for the time being, and knows that she is on thin ground. As stern as we are with her, the only major thing she did wrong was shutting down the server out of anger. It crashing is not her fault, but using the console for non-staff reasons is quite bad.

Namillo, Fatso, and I remember Yomi when she was a lot more chill. We hope whatever is stressing people out lately passes and we can just have fun. I’m sure others agree with this. I hope she returns…

As do I.

Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes man

Has anybody actually told yomi that she is unbanned? I think that member might be a bit harsh, if this happened to me I’d demote the player to trusted or mod.

shutting the server down in rage is a but much. I think she probably deserves it.


As I said, I want to give her trusted, but felt there was animosity towards her atm. My plan was to wait a week and propose a promotion back to trusted. Anything past that is up for her to propose. I want her to want to be staff. She may not want to be now.