Some Sad News...

Today, I have decided that Minecraft has been taking over most of my days and that I need to change that. Due to my addiction of playing Minecraft and other various video games, I have fallen behind in classes and in keeping up my physical condition. I will be dropping Minecraft for a while, probably until next summer or later. This is good-bye, for now, folks. I have done what I could in PCB and I hope it was appreciated. I will return in some time. Good-bye, my PCB friends.

See you next summer Blonde. Sad to see you go :frowning:

It is disappointing to see you go, but don’t be hesitant on doing schoolwork, because your time and effort, in school, will define your future, and the jobs you will be able to have. I believe you will prosper, during the upcoming school year.

Trust me, games have only gotten me to where I am because I was willing to study and explore them from a coding aspect and time management. Never procrastinate doing school work with games, but never feel like they aren’t apart of your life as well.

It’s entertainment just like anything else from movies, shows, music, and books. Just remember it’s for your enjoyment and not your whole life.

I wish you good luck in catching up on school work! You can do it.

Aweeeee Blondeeee. Good bye for now. I hope to see you around sooon! xx

All the best school classes and that sort of stuff must come first.

Hope to see you again in the future.

Life > video games.


Hope to see you back when you feel you’re up to date with school n stuff.

Hope too cya when you get back. I wish you the best of luck in school and everything else =)

good luck with everything, I really hope to see you again sooner than later