Some Problems with SMP

Something’s wrong with Worldedit. I used some wooden tools available at spawn(because I died), and was going for some trees. I used a wooden axe but suddenly after I left clicked the tree, it says “First Position(bunch of numbers) set.” I already know it’s the Worldedit. But the problem is I didn’t use /wand.

Also, at my desert home, I see this huge void. It’s like a missing chunk, so I normally reconnected. But, it still stayed. Apparently it’s affecting other blocks as well. I can’t get the pressure plate working, and when i destroyed it, it didn’t gave me a block. Checked /ping to check if I’m lagging, but I’m not. :S (The desert home’s near the huge dam shanethedark built.)

Pics :

I visited your area, and there aren’t any chunks missing.

With the wooden axe, the left click and right click are by used to select a cuboid area to rollback a greifed area with LogBlock.

If your on about Andy’s server i have another problem, when you kill pigs u get money for killing a creeper

@special, what I meant was that I’m not using worldedit, but use the tool what it’s used for, chopping trees. It seems that I don’t need to type /wand to control the regions for the worldedit.

@Rippor, yea me too I get that whenever I kill a pig, it says I kill a creeper.

EDIT : Relogged in, checked my house, yay it’s back :smiley:

Need cash? Just farm pigs :stuck_out_tongue:

If i find any other problems ill let Andy know or post in forum

I’m aware of the pig-creeper issue. It got fixed in a recent update, but I can’t implement because it is conflicting with something. Hopefully it will be resolved soon