Some funny memories here.

I couldn’t find a simple way to get my photos here, so i used imgur. Anyway, here are 3 old screenshots i found.

<3 Trusted Days, Trusted Days <3

Here’s some I found xD when I was trusted and member (member one is where myth is a member I got trusted at the same time as myth). And the one with the end portal was when me, myth and cherry first found the end portal during 1.0.0 and that’s what started a great friendship n_n

ha ha those are great screen shots. I wish i could get on smp :stuck_out_tongue:

I still see it amazing that I have screenshots of before Fili or Keat got Op xD

:frowning: I wish cherry was still around. Was fun playing that vanila server with her. I haven’t seen her on in months. :’( I loved the old vanila, especially the fact that everybody had to work together to get stuff done. :slight_smile:

She was on earlier…xD I was on SMP with her lol

I should’ve taken a picture of my sister saying : “You know what happened to that dog that DIED?..I SOLD THAT MUTHA FUCKA FOR CRACK!” XD

I don’t usually take screenshots, but when I do, its because I accidentally did it. XD
Well I think this is old, Sacred was still a Member. :stuck_out_tongue:

OH I remember that day that’s when I first met you! xD

Yes. xD
Although here, Operation Absorption is shown.

Just to let you all know, Andy is working on getting the media part of the site back. We will be able to post pics in a single area so they don’t get lost in the threads of time.

Almost exactly 1 year old chat log! (Classic)