If you have ever been on Mineplex, you might of seen the soccer game there. I think we should have a public soccer game with a slime that we can kick and we can get points. You have to be on either the red or the blue team.
LOOK----> I am not trying to copy any other servers. Just a idea I got from that server.<----LOOK
So, who’s with me? :smiley:

I think this would be cool. I can set up a stadium in NH for it if you would like.

I was waiting for this day to come! Count me in :smiley:

I would love to play :smiley:

Some of you may know cough Will cough that I have an odd obsession with stadiums, and I’ve been aching to make one. If I were to make one, It’d most likely be in/around Portland or Budapest. IF I decide to go through, I’ll keep you updated with the plans.

Thank you. Hopefully more Mod+ comment on this and approve. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ll also like to help maybe with the arena (if one is being made).

Everyone could help!


I’m actually currently building a soccer stadium in Big City. Maybe we could use that? I would LOVE to play

Ok, so it seems everyone agrees on adding this… LET’S GET THE PLUGIN! :stuck_out_tongue: