So some people dont know me apparently, so I decided to make a thread about me
Or some shit

First off, my name in game is gggeeee, my Steam name is B. Bear, and if you see me on GRO (You never will) it’s AfricanBrother360 or something

IRL, my name is Jesus H Christ, but you can call me ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ’, ‘Goddamnit what the hell are you doing’, or ‘God damn it gggeeee, just get out og here’.

I am currently working on a project in server that is a big ass wooden bay, if you want to see it, I have no fucking clue where it is so start walking

My interests include what ever I’m playing at the moment, failing to make my balsa wood model, failing my WHAP class, bombing English, and making Chemistry, Algebra, Animation, and Theatre Tech my bitch.

I dunno, ask me anything, I might respond probably

PS: I enjoy breasts


Best Hello World. Ever.

Oh ggg… This seems so like you.

Well, it should
Because I am

Actually is gggeeee.

Gggeeee, why do I always end up typing in a similar way to you in every thread you make? You infect my writing you bahstahd.

I can’t always tell if the spelling mistakes are intentional or not…

just dont try Sip. you’re wasting your energy


I have to…

Dead Fantasy - Gee

^ this is too perfect, describes all of Ggg in 1 video, cept the part where he got perma banned for banning everyone and then we let him back because he was sarwy. Was Worth, so much Worth.